Source: USDOE, Energy Information Administration, November 2011

Source:USDOE, Energy Information Administration, November 2011

Source: USDOE, Energy Information Administration, November 2011

Utility Services

City Utilities Service Area Interactive Map »

Electric, water and natural gas are provided through City Utilities of Springfield, within the city and general vicinity. 

Sewer service is provided by the City of Springfield within the city and general vicinity.

Electrical service in outlying areas is provided through Associated Electric Cooperative's rural provider network.

For more information on utilities for business operations, visit our Business Utilities page.


The full range of business telecommunications services are available in Springfield through the incumbent carrier AT&T or through other secondary carriers, as well as through SpringNet, a division of City Utilities.

Fiber optic capabilities are available within the city limits and in additional areas of increased development. Broadband internet access, Sonet rings and redundant capabilities (through 3 digitally switched local exchanges) are also available in these areas.

Numerous companies including Verizon (MCI), Sprint, AT&T and others have long distance points of presence (POP's) located in Springfield. Most POP's are situated within the downtown/center city area. View an exchange map of Missouri.

Metro Ethernet fiber services are available to the business community from SpringNet, the broadband business division of City Utilities.  It provides self-healing private networking and Internet access connectivity at speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

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