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graph_springfield_gross_metro_productSource: Bureau of Economic Analysis

In 2000, Springfield's economic output (gross metro product) had grown 100% in the last decade--the fastest growing in Missouri.

The GMP (Gross Metro Product) of Springfield is more than the combined GNP (Gross National Product) of the countries of Iceland and Belize.

Report of the Current Economic Conditions

MissouriMid-American Region
Source: University of Creighton, National Association of Purchasing Management

Licensed Businesses

Total Businesses


Restaurants (all)


Service stations


Retail merchants




Loan companies, brokers, agents




Auto dealers (new & used)




The above list is only a sample of business categories in Springfield. For more information please contact the City of Springfield (417-864-1000).

Source: City of Springfield, Finance Department, License Division, April, 2001

Business Owners & Self-Employed Persons

Springfield MSA Data
Springfield (city limits) Data

Source: USDC, Bureau of the Census, 2002


graph_permits_new_commercial_constructionSource: City of Springfield, Building Development Services; Greene County, Building Regulation, 2008 (new construction only)


graph_total_value_commercial_properties_granted_permitsSource: City of Springfield, Building Development Services; Greene County, Building Regulation, 2006 (new construction only)

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Contact Information

Ryan Mooney, CEcD
Toll Free: 800-879-7504
Phone: 417-862-5567

Springfield Business Development Corporation

202 S. John Q. Hammons Pkwy
Springfield, Missouri 65806