Management Development Institute (MDI)

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The Management Development Institute (MDI) is a division of the College of Business Administration at Southwest Missouri State University located in Springfield, Missouri. MDI offers a variety of broad-based training opportunities, programs and services which include custom programs, Mini MBA®, a certificate series, partnership opportunities and more than 40 different public seminars each year. By limiting class size, we ensure a high level of learning, interaction and attendee satisfaction.

Our customers include organizations from manufacturing, health care, service industries and government. We have worked with companies with less than 30 employees to more than 1,000. What they all have in common is a need to have supervisors and managers who can apply cutting-edge business practices in an ever-changing environment.

Services / Areas of Expertises:

Supervision – Our Supervision Certificate Program helps new or experienced supervisors obtain a more committed and productive workforce.

Essentials of Effective Supervision
Supervision for Results
High Performance Supervision
Creating a Motivating Environment
Coaching for Peak Performance
Discipline for Correcting Performance Problems
Building a Strong Work Group
Developing People Through Delegation
Orienting and Training New Employees
Becoming a Shop Floor Leader
Managing Conflict Constructively
Dynamic Communication Skills

Management - The Management Certificate Program is designed for managers who want to extend their knowledge of contemporary management techniques.

The Effective Leader/Manager
How to Lead a Department
Increasing Inter-departmental Cooperation
Strategic Planning
How Managers Solve Problems
Assertiveness Skills for Managers
Finance for Non-Financial Managers
Successful Project Management

Human Resources - The Human Resources Certificate Program provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the H.R. Field.

Human Resource Fundamentals
Compensation & Benefits
Creative Employee Recruiting 
Employment Law
Hiring Good People
Human Resource Documentation
Performance Appraisals for Positive Results
Retaining Quality Employees
Safety Management & Implementation
Understanding Health Insurance & Managed Care
Workers' Compensation

Other areas in which we train are Sales, Marketing, Team Development, Quality, Purchasing, Traffic, Business Writing, Accounting and Warehousing.

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