How Does It  Work?

Using the latest equipment and technology, satellite conferencing brings a live satellite feed into a presentation room, so people miles and miles away from a presentation can be brought face-to-face. The need for time-consuming and costly travel is reduced or eliminated.

What Are The Benefits?

Businesses and organizations of all sizes will find they save time and money through satellite conferencing.  Large groups can watch presentations, receive training, and view live feeds without traveling to a distant seminars and expensive courses.

What are the Rates?

Daily Setup Fee:  $30
Chamber Member's Discount Rate:  $25 per hour.
   (1 hr. min.)
Prospective Member's Rate: $45 per hour.   (1 hr. min.)

How Many People Can Participate?

The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce satellite conferencing facility can accommodate 60+ people.  Scheduling a satellite conference is based on room availability.  Reserve a date as soon as possible!

How To Get Started?

Our trained staff is ready to walk you through the entire process and provide technical assistance.  Contact the Chamber to get started!   (click here for contact info.)

Technical Data

Satellite Receiver -   Drake ESR 1724 (Earth Station Receiver)
      Capable of tuning C-band and Ku-band satellites