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How Does It  Work?

Using the latest equipment and technology, video conferencing links voices and video, so people sitting in conference rooms miles apart can be brought face-to-face. The need for time-consuming and costly travel is reduced or eliminated.

What Are The Benefits?

Businesses and organizations of all sizes will find they save time and money through video conferencing.  Communicate with associates and 

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customers in a more timely manner. Reduce operating expenses while increasing the frequency of face-to-face communication. Share data, graphics and other technical material from miles away. Eliminate the traditional “speaker phone” meetings.

What are the Rates?

Chamber Member's Discount Rate:  $150 per hour.   (1 hr. min.)
Prospective Member's Rate: $200 per hour.   (1 hr. min.)
All long-distance rates (including International calls) are billed to the user.  These charges range from $1.00 per minute to $3.00 per minute and higher.

How Many People Can Participate?

The Springfield Area Chamber of Commerce video conferencing facility can accommodate from one person up to 60+ people.  A conference of more than 15 or 20 people is required to be more than 3 hours in length.  Scheduling a video conference is based on room availability.  Reserve a date as soon as possible!

How To Get Started?

Our trained staff is ready to walk you through the entire process and provide technical assistance.  If needed a multi-site conference can be arranged through a "bridge" company.  Contact the Chamber to get started!   (click here for contact info.)

Technical Data

Video Dialup Number -   417-875-6903
Conferencing System -   V-TEL, Enterprise Series, Leadership Conferencing System
Connection Speed -   384
Network Protocol -   Switched 56
Video Multiplexer -   Ascend Multiband Plus
Equipment Capabilities -   Document Camera (Elmo EV-368), Win95 Interface, VCR